After 3 years of research in AVM 1959 company’s laboratories the brand Polygon is born:

light, dynamic, sporty and pentapolar.

polygon sunbreaker lenses

Polygon glasses are not just the fruit of study and design, but above all, an instrument that is able to confer

“an enhanced visual quality”

useful in conditions of intense light or in cases of particular and annoying chromes to the human eye.
Polygon’s aim is

to offer a totally new visual experience, without giving up to a linear, technological and attentive to details style.

The glasses designed and projected by the brand manage to be

perfect in every light condition thanks to the Pentapolar® lens

the first lens with 5 levels of treatment.

polygon sunbreaker lenses sunglasses

The frames are made of the innovative Polygore material, whose key elements are lightness and extreme flexibility. Polygon collections are able to mix with balance these aspects offering a safe and wearable product in any condition of light and movement.
Our laboratory technicians have asked support to many athletes and professionals that, every day, face conditions of very intense light, such as airplane aviators, helicopter pilots, sailors and runners. The results of this collaboration have evidenced that wearing Polygon glasses helps decrease eyes weariness, enhances colour definition and significantly reduces hazards caused by strong, direct and persistent illumination.


The plus is given from the application of lenses developed by the Pentapolar® technology, that is 

5 layered polarized lenses

studied to reduce the most annoying light glares and reflections, in order not to tire the eye and have as a result a pure, clean and clear vision.

The usage of these lenses enables a perfect vision, down to the smallest detail.



Polygon frames are light, resistant and flexible thanks to the innovative use of the Polygore® material.

A high performance technopolymer, designed with a particular chemical stability that makes the structure heath and malformation resistant, and in addition has excellent electrical isolation properties, stable in an ample interval of temperatures and frequencies.

This makes the glasses more resistant compared to normal frames wear.

Besides its high flexibility, Polygore is a perfect material for all sports use of glasses, which adapts well to every movement guaranteeing always optimal performances and fits.